Friday Five: Smile, Smile, Smile!

For this week’s Friday Five, Jan asks: what makes you smile? Remembering that Meister Eckhart said that if you pray “thank you” that that is enough of a prayer, share with us five things, memories, or activities that bring you smiles and gratitude.

There are lots of memories and activities over the years that make me smile when I think about them or look at pictures from the events or hear someone talk about them. I’ve tried, though, to pick five relatively inconsequential things that occur on an ongoing basis that make me smile and fill me with gratitude for such fleeting moments of enjoyment.

  • Coming home and walking through the door to find our dog, Max, holding with whatever his favorite toy of the day is in his mouth
  • Seeing vegetables – this year mainly leeks, radish, and rainbow chard– growing in my cold frames. (Who ever thought I’d be able to smile again when looking at chard after this summer of being inundated by it?)
  • Kathy swinging her legs back and forth under her chair the way a lot of my students did when, decades ago, I taught 6th grade
  • Conversations with my children (and other people, though my children in a special way) about the books they’re reading
  • Most weeks, at least one joke on the Big Bang Theory, the one TV show I try to make a point of watching as soon after a new episode is released as possible.




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